Indianapolis Team Building

Indianapolis Team Building: Inspiring Positive Change For Your Team

Every way you look at it, we are all about people: your people, your team. We’re perfectly aware that you have options when it comes to choosing a team building vendor – just search online and you’ll quickly find a range of choices. Many claim to be the best, the oldest, the biggest, you name it. There’s an exciting array of choices out there, which is why we simply focus on what we know: people.

Indianapolis-Team-Building-Indianapolis-CardsYou see, the bedrock of this company is people: Indianapolis Team Building owes its success to the creative experts who create our lineup of impressive workshops, the people who manage all the little things behind the scenes, and the professional facilitators who bring it all together for your team.

Last but not least, we’re also about your people: we do everything in our power to ensure each and every workshop we offer delivers the results you’re looking for. We strive for each and every team member to come away from these powerful workshop experiences with a strengthened sense of teamwork, a fulfilling sense personal accomplishment and a renewed energy that vitalizes the workplace long after the workshop is done.

What Makes Our Remarkable Workshops so Effective?

Our professional developers, the ones who create each workshop, have an average of 15 years of experience in this field. It’s their expertise that provides the foundation for our popular, effective and memorable workshops.

Next, it’s our crack team of professional facilitators who bring each workshop alive for participants. They really know how to bring a group together for skills improvement…in a way that encourages all to participate, without embarrassment, pressure or awkwardness.

Your team will feel engaged and motivated- our team will make sure of that! They’ll coax them towards greater personal insight as well as a deeper understanding of their colleagues. That’s what makes a great team, after all!

The time-tested and proven techniques worked into each fun yet challenging activity work to improve skills such as:

  • communicating
  • thinking outside the box to find solutions
  • effective brainstorming
  • recognizing a wide variety of individual strengths in a group
  • opening up perspectives
  • …and of course those are only a few examples of areas we can target in your team building workshop!

Your Team Benefits From Working With the Best

Indianapolis-Team-Building-Indianapolis-Acting-UpDrawing upon over 50 years of team building research and history and from their knowledge of the scientific principles behind effective learning, our professional staff here at Indianapolis Team Building is unparalleled when it comes to putting together customized team building workshops designed just for groups like yours.

Our developers have been selected from among the best in the industry- we give them full creative control from start to finish to ensure a personalized experience for each client. They’re experienced and passionate about delivering powerful workshops that inspire positive change in your group.

Please call us today to learn more about how Indianapolis Team Building can help you achieve your goals. Your team will be more than entertained for a day: they’ll be inspired to be better at what they do.