Bicycle Team Building

You may already be familiar with bicycle team building events- they’re the single most popular team building workshops ever designed!

It’s certainly stood the test of time – this charity team building workshop is still one of our hottest items!

More popular than ever, this workshop pairs good old fashioned team fun with solid work on improving teamwork skills- all under the guise of building bicycles for Indianapolis kids who need them but whose families can’t afford them.Team-Building-Indianapolis-Large-Group

Why it Will Take Your Team Over 2 Hours to Build Their Bicycles

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Bicycle-Team-Building-Lots-Of-BikesIn real life, it only takes a few minutes to put a new bicycle together. Here, however, there’s much more going on than simply building bicycles. Although the charitable aspect is what motivates your team and brings everyone together, it’s the teamwork skills involved we’re really focused upon.

You see, our expert team of workshop developers have incorporated obstacles and problems into the process of building the bicycles. Each workshop has been created with 50 years of team building research behind it, so that real learning takes place. It’s about learning to work within a group:

  • recognizing individual strengths we all have
  • developing insight into workplace interactions
  • communicating effectively
  • resolving issues together
  • appreciating diversity

Improve Team Performance in a Fun Environment …and Connect With the Indianapolis Community

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Bicycle-Team-BuildingThe charitable aspect is of course what drives this workshop. It’s an incredible boost to team morale to work together for something, and then see it all come together. Teams actually get to meet the kids at the end of the workshop- get out your cameras!

This interactive workshop has participants make their way through a series of challenges and obstacles, in a race against time to complete their bicycles first. Lessons learned along the way include recognizing how each individual contributes his or her own unique talents to the mix.

For every successfully completed module, teams earn bicycle parts- now you can see why it takes a couple hours to finish!

Call us today or fill out the quote request form to see how building bicycles for deserving kids in Indianapolis can make your team better at everything they do.