Charity Giving Stations

A workshop for giving.

charity-giving-stations-logoWant to drive positive, productive behavior while you help fulfill your company’s social mission?  Charity Giving Stations will help you do both.

With total focus on charity and giving, this workshop is different from all our others.  As more clients came to us asking for team building workshops that were 100% about giving to charity, we realized corporate social responsibility was taking a new direction…one where employees are actually a part of giving!

It’s about giving back to Indianapolis.

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Bicycle-Team-Building-Lots-Of-BikesTeams work together to produce useful items for people who need them, right here in Indianapolis.  From building bikes to assembling wheelchairs, participants are actively involved in making our city a better place.

Not only that, the act of building things together puts valuable teamwork skills to the test.  That means you’re investing in your team as well as your community.  Plus, everyone has a great time.  Everyone wins!

How does “Charity Giving Stations” work?

You tell us what type of giving stations you’d like us to run, and we’ll take care of the rest.  Participants will enter the room and jump right into building, assembling, or creating quality items that will go to Indianapolis charities.

You may choose your charity or leave it up to us.  Bicycles often to to the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis.  Wheelchairs can go to local hospitals.  Speak with us during your workshop consultation and we’ll arrange everything just the way you want it to be.  If your company has a charitable organization it often works with, mention that too: we’ll work with them to make sure your donations go there.

The focus here is on “maximum donations”!

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-AnimalsWe’re a team building company, but for this workshop we’ve put aside the direct team building lessons so you can focus on making donations.

After all, we know that teamwork is still part of this event.  The groups who communicate well and use their best teamwork practices will end up producing the most donations.  That means while everyone is busy busting out bicycles, wheelchairs or whichever type of donation you’ve chosen to build, they also strengthening skills that make them better team.

Plus, as everybody knows by now, people like working for companies that help make the world a better place.  And when they can be part of the social mission of the place they work, it’s even better.

Choose from 4 of our most popular charity team building themes.

We took 4 of our charity team building workshops allowing for maximum donations, and worked them into one large donation event.  Once you strip away the team building lessons, what you’re left with is a core set of activities totally focused on producing donations (in a teamwork environment though!).  That’s Charity Giving Stations.

Here are the 4 types of donation activities to choose from:

Pick one, select a couple, or go for a 4-dimensional giving station event!  We can arrange for your group to build all four types concurrently- just ask.

Charity Giving Stations: perfect for…

A busy room full of people working together to build things for a cause they all stand behind: that’s a room full of great positive energy.  It’s also the perfect environment for so many occasions:

  • Networking!  People move about a LOT in this workshop, so it’s a great way to meet new people, especially for a large group.
  • Speaking of large groups, this is a perfect event for groups of very large sizes- even hundreds at a time can be accommodated.
  • Since the focus is on building things for charity, this is a great end-of-year party idea.  Book it for your holiday party and get everyone involved in the “Season of Giving”
  • Need an ice-breaker, a break activity, or a stress-reducing event for your next conference?  This works wonderfully to break up the day and get people moving.

There are so many other ways Charity Giving Stations can help your group get involved in the Indianapolis community.  If you’d like to know more, just give us a call or fill out the handy quote form here on the site.  We’d love to share our excitement for this incredibly fun and productive event!