Donate A Dinner

Our newest Charity Team Building Workshop brings perhaps the most powerful impact yet to the local Indy population, as your team works together to Donate a Dinner to those in need.

donate-a-dinner-logo Helping to end hunger in the local community brings a message of hope to all involved, and strengthens your team’s bonds in immeasurable ways.

The cornerstone of this team building workshop is the motivational force that exists behind a group that comes together to change the lives of others. By focusing on the common cause, your team will pull together and work harder to find ways around obstacles placed before them.

Tough Challenges for a Powerful Gift

The chance to join in the fight to end hunger strengthens your team’s resolve to perform at peak levels. That’s what they’ll need to face the challenges presented by the activities in this workshop!

Our professional facilitators make sure the challenge is also fun – after all, we want everyone to enjoy themselves while they work to build their teamwork skills!

High performing teams used to competing will band together for some real collaborative processes that teach them the value of each others’ contributions. Only by joining forces will they be able to earn enough points for donating a dinner. The more points they can accumulate, the larger the donation.

They’ll need to call upon some of the following skills in order to succeed:

  • higher level communication
  • creative problem solving
  • big picture thinking
  • dealing with limited resources
  • collaborative skills

It’s a fast-paced workshop full of challenging yet fun activities designed to get your team working as a unit. Making the connection back to the work place, they’ll reflect on how collaboration leads towards productivity.

The Size of Your Donation Depends on How Well Your Team Works Together

If any particular team suffers a breakdown in processes and can’t perform, well that’s never what anyone wants to see. But with the Donate a Dinner Charity Workshop, it means fewer points.

And you know what that means! As a result, your team will be making a smaller donation. Teams will need to step up to the plate in order to accumulate enough points.

Customizing Donate a Dinner for 501(c) Giving

If you’d like to make your donation go towards a 501(c) organization for tax purposes, we can make the arrangements for points to turn into dollars.

Or how about providing hot meals during a disaster? That can be arranged in conjunction with the American Red Cross.

Just give us a call or request a quote and we’d be happy to discuss options and make it all happen for you and your team.