Mission: Kids Care

Mission: Kids Care™ :Everyone, Prepare for Success!

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-300Achieve higher levels of team communication with our Mission: Kids Care™ team building workshop in Indianapolis. During this charity workshop your team members will work to improve their skills while having a blast helping Indianapolis kids get ready for school.

What’s the mission? You see, every year as summer comes to an end, it’s back-to-school time for kids everywhere. For parents, that means added expenses as they shop for school supplies. Sadly, these expenses are just too much of a burden for some low-income families and kids often begin the school year unprepared.

Preparation is What This Workshop is All About!

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Mission-Kids-CareYour team will help these local Indianapolis kids get ready for school by working together to gather these much-needed school supplies…backpacks, paper, pens etc. By helping kids prepare for school, they’re also learning the value of good, sound preparation themselves.

Your team will have to work through some challenging obstacles before they can gather the school supplies and complete their mission- it’s all a day’s work, and tons of fun for your team!

Prepare for Success as We Prepare Indianapolis Kids for School

We’ve all seen it happen: the workplace can be a whirlwind of deadlines, time crunch and fatigue. Things end up being completed without enough preparation for maximum success. Proper planning, no matter what your job position, can go a long way towards achieving your goals on time.

Mission: Kids Care™ shows your team the value of preparation, and each member learns that his or her contributions have value. Staff becomes management, engineers become communicators, leaders become followers as teams mix things up a bit in this workshop.

That’s what it takes to achieve the goals they’re given by our professional facilitators. They’ll need to plan for the successful outcome of the common goal, practicing these skills:

  • collaboration
  • measuring success
  • planning before implementing
  • organization
  • defining success

Customization of Mission: Kids Care™ For Your Team

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Mission-Kids-Care-KidsIf you have an Indianapolis-based charity you’d like to work with, simply let us know, and our Charity Coordinator will make the right calls to set everything up. We can even arrange for a heart warming donation ceremony at the end of the workshop, if that suits your group. We’ve worked with women’s shelters and kid’s shelters, for example, so the workshop can be tailored to any charitable organization.

Just give us a quick call today or fill out the quote form to learn more about setting up a Mission: Kids Care™ workshop for your Indianapolis team.