Mission: Military Care

Mission: Military Care Redefines Success

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-300Nothing defines courage like our military- that’s why we here at Team Building Indianapolis like to support them any way we can. In fact, we’re passionate about it so we created the Mission: Military Care workshop as a way to help corporate teams like yours give back as they work to develop their team building skills. Your team will appreciate that they’re making a difference in the lives of military men and women, and you’ll appreciate that they’re improving their skills!

Teams Learn About Courage as They Redefine Success

Your team takes inspiration from our service men and women as they learn that courage and teamwork are the key ingredients to success. The obstacles they’ll encounter in this workshop can only be overcome by good teamwork and each individual’s courage to put forth their best.

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Mission-Military-CareAfter all, it takes courage to communicate in new ways, to contribute to group strategizing and find solutions as a team. Our professional facilitators will guide your group through a series of progressively challenging modules designed to encourage team member to draw upon their courage to do things in new ways.

One issue we tackle in Mission: Military Care is the common problem of data overload. Too often at work we’re inundated with data, making it difficult to focus and extract what we need to succeed. This workshop has your team performing activities which teach them to sift through the overload efficiently in order to complete their mission successfully.

Success is redefined, as long as everyone begins to explore new ways of contributing to the group, drawing upon courage to speak out and offer ideas even when they may not become part of the final solution.

Inspired by our Military Service Members

The motivating force behind your team’s will to succeed is the charitable aspect we’ve built into this workshop. Team Building Indianapolis works closely with a select few charitable organizations like the following:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Operation Shoebox
  • Operation Gratitude

Your team isn’t just learning new ways of communication…they’re working to create military care packages. Through the organizations above, we make sure our service men and women receive the packages created by your team…it’s a common goal that inspires everyone to succeed!

Team Building for Tangible Effects in the Real World

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Mission-Military-Care-ChildNot only does your team get to make a difference in a real, practical way to help our military, they’re learning skills which are directly transferable to the workplace. How’s that for a win-win situation?

Please give us a call right now if you’d like to set up a Mission: Military Care team building workshop for your group. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions…ask us about customizing the workshop for your team, too!