Puttin Pantry

Puttin Pantry ™ Combines Fun With a Good Challenge in Indianapolis

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoWhen it comes to team building, you now have a choice. You can choose just a day of fun and games or you can choose a professionally developed series of fun and challenging activities that actually strengthen your team.

Puttin Pantry ™, one of our most popular team building workshops, does it all. Your team will enjoy a fun day out of the office yet they’ll actually be working on skills that will make them better employees, too. This charity workshop combines the wonderfully bonding effects of working together for a cause with the team-strengthening results of having overcome obstacles together as a group.

How Does Puttin Pantry ™ Do All That For Your Group?

Your team members will work hard together in a supportive, fun environment to compete for non-perishable food items. Why? Because they’ll need them to build a mini golf course!

The non-perishable food items are actually building blocks for a complete mini golf course. This multi-stage workshop challenges your team to conceptualize, design, create and test the entire course as a team.

You’ll be amazed at the range of office-appropriate skills this entails!

Then, after the courses are completed and tested by teams who will compete on them, everything is taken apart and the food items are donated to an Indianapolis food pantry. It’s this charitable aspect that makes Puttin Pantry™ work so well to bring everyone together.

How Mini Golf Leads to Team Building

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Putt-Putt-PantryThe skills involved at every step of the way towards completion of the mini golf courses are completely relevant to the office environment. Even the very first step- conceptualization, will require advanced communication skills from team members.

After all, designing a golf course is no simple task. In real life, those who do this for a living are called architects! The reason is: golf course design requires vision, creativity, mechanical skills and a ton of planning.

Now, if your team can accomplish even the first phase of this workshop together, they’ve really put their skills to the test!

Here’s what’s involved:

  • communication skills
  • brainstorming
  • choosing a leader
  • resource management
  • dealing with feedback
  • negotiation

From concept to the final ceremony where we can invite a representative from the receiving charity for a heartwarming ceremony, Puttin Pantry ™ draws each team member in and makes the group stronger. That’s because everyone can contribute, even with a wide range of skills in the group. There’s room for everyone in Puttin Pantry ™, and team members will come away with a fresh perspective…on each other, their own strengths, and how they all work together to achieve goals. Everyone wins with Puttin Pantry™!

If you’d like to learn more about how Puttin Pantry ™ will bring your group to new levels of communication and teamwork skills, give us a call right now- we’d love to hear from you.