Stuffed Animal Team Building

Help First Responders While Building Team Skills With Our Rescue Buddies Stuffed Animal Team Building Workshop

rescue-buddies-stuffed-animal-team-building-logoIf you haven’t offered your group a charity team building event yet, then this workshop is a great place to start. There’s really no better way to initiate change than to task your team with helping out a charity right here at home!

How Can Stuffed Animals Make Such a Difference?

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-Animal-Team-BuildingAs you’ll see, teddy bears make a huge difference in the lives of kids. They’ll also help bring your team together in new ways that will set them on the path to becoming a better team all around.

This is a fun, interactive charity workshop that offers your team the chance to make a difference in the Indianapolis community.

Did you know that first responders offer stuffed bears to kids who’ve witnessed or been victim of a crime? That’s why fighters, police officers and other first responders often carry a stash of stuffed animals in their trunks…and often pay for them out of their own pockets!

Here’s How This Powerful Workshop Accomplishes So Much…

Here a chance for your team to help. The end product of our teddy bear team building workshop is …you guessed it: teddy bears!

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Rescue-Buddies-Stuffed-AnimalsThen, for a powerful finale to the workshop, local Indy fire fighters or other first responders come to meet your team and receive the bears. It’s a way for your company to work on their social mission, and at the same time a way for your team to feel a real connection to the neighborhood- behind the scenes, they’re forming bonds that contribute towards better teamwork back in the office.

Opportunities for Your Group to Overcome Challenges

Of course our professional team knows the Rescue Buddies Team Building Workshop isn’t just about making stuffed bears and donating them. The workshop has been designed around basic tenets of team development and education- that means your team is having fun but they’re working on improving their skills, too.

Debriefing sessions introduce reflection into the event, as teams begin to relate their experiences back to the office environment.

If you’d like to learn more about our Rescue Buddies Team Building Workshop, give us a call today- ask about customization options too!