Wagon Builders Team Building

Your team will be filling wagons and building hope with our Wagon Builders team building workshop that benefits local charities.

Wagon-Builders-Charity-Team-Building-logoThis innovative charity workshop offers your team new ways to come together for success. By filling little red wagons straight from childhood memories, and offering them to deserving kids in the Indianapolis community, everyone learns a bit about hope. teamwork and achieving goals.

Collaboration is the Name of the Game

Teams will quickly discover that working together is the only way to win items and build their wagons. Through interactive exercises that stress teamwork and communication, this unique workshop is designed to open up new pathways and strengthen your team’s ability to work together rather than competing with one another.

In fact, during the Wagon Builders Charity Workshop, competing will result in a breakdown of the whole process. Remember, this is about collaboration. It’s a valuable lesson for all involved, and certainly one which will translate directly back to the office.

How Does 50 Years of Research Boil Down to a Little Red Wagon?

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Wagon-Builders-BalloonsThat’s right- our professional workshop developers draw upon decades of team building history to craft the most effective, practical workshops in Indianapolis. And yes the little red wagon embodies so much of what’s been learned over the years on how to build productive teams.

By joining forces, individuals learn to leverage each others’ strengths for optimal performance. By working towards a common goal, their focus, their drive, and their motivation is heightened to new levels of commitment. That’s the underlying principle behind all our Charity Team Building workshops, actually!

Achieve Goals and Make Serious Inroads Towards Community Involvement

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Wagon-Builders-AssemblyWe can arrange for a heartwarming ceremony at the end of your charity workshop if you like. Very often we can have a representative from the receiving organization attend a donation ceremony, putting the final touches on a powerful, productive and memorable day.

As with all our workshops, there’s room for customization, too. Want a longer event? We can design a full-day workshop for your team. Have a specific charitable organization in mind for your team’s donation? Just let us know and we’ll get the ball rolling.

We also have an option where you can choose to fill the wagons with additional items (additional charge) that are tailored toward your designated charity’s needs.

Sound intriguing? Call us today or fill out the quote request form and we can tell you more about little red wagons, charity team building, and your team’s improved performance!