Wheelchair Team Building

Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building adds a new twist to team building!

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Wheelchair-Team-Building-LaughsAim higher: your next corporate team event can have tangible results like improved productivity and a team that returns to work refreshed and ready to put their new skills to work.

That’s Wheelcharity™, our results-oriented workshop that also happens to fulfill your company’s mission of corporate social responsibility.

Wheelchairs for Those Who Need Them in the Indianapolis Community

By working together to assemble wheelchairs which are then donated to local hospitals, your team learns the value of good communication skills.

That’s good, because they’ll need those skills if they want to complete their mission. They’ll be tasked with several activities designed to improve teamwork, and only through overcoming obstacles as a group will they be able to assemble their wheelchairs.

Working for a common cause inspires your team to achieve their goals, just as you’d like it to work in the office. We designed our workshops so that the skills are directly transferable to the work place environment, so your team isn’t just having a fun day of team bonding…they’re actually becoming better employees by learning to communicate in new and better ways!

Communication, Collaboration and Just a Touch of Competition!

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Wheelchair-Team-Building-AssemblyThere are about 1.7 million Americans who use wheelchairs, and not every one of them can afford these expensive mobility devices. There’s a constant need in every community for wheelchairs, which makes our Wheelcharity™ workshop such a motivating force for teams who participate.

They’ll build wheelchairs in a structured, progressive environment…a curriculum designed by professional who have an average of 15 years of experience bringing teams together and making them work better.

The Value of a Local Contribution in Indianapolis

Your team will feel a strong sense of pride in their community involvement after participating in the Wheelcharity™ event workshop. Donating wheelchairs to a hospital, vet’s group or any charitable organization is something everyone can get behind.

In fact, we created this workshop just for companies like yours, who wanted to fulfill a sense of social responsibility and who wanted to give locally. If you have a charitable organization in Indianapolis you’d like to work with, simply say the word and we’ll get rolling on making all the right connections to make it happen.

Another way to customize: we can incorporate a wheelchair obstacle course at the end of the workshop, or if that doesn’t fit your company culture, we’ll turn the competition into a creative display of inspiration for those receiving the wheelchairs.

These are just some of the many ways in which we can customize all our workshops to fit the needs of your particular group.

Please give us all call today to find out more- we’d love to hear from you!