Amazing Scavenger Race

The Indianapolis Amazing Scavenger Race

Amazing-Scavenger-Race-300Good leaders know that the more a team practices, the better it gets. This is true of high functioning corporate groups as well as sports teams. It’s a plain and simple fact: in order to perform at peak levels, your team needs as much practice as they can get.

That’s what The Amazing Scavenger Race is all about. This high-energy team building workshop offers your team an opportunity to put teamwork skills to the test. By cooperating to achieve goals, your group will race across neighborhoods of Indianapolis to complete their mission- and have a blast while they’re at it!

The Amazing Scavenger Race is Really About Teamwork

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Amazing-Scavenger-RaceIn a fun, high-energy combination scavenger hunt and race against the clock, teams compete to finish their mission that sends them all over Indianapolis. It’s the perfect scenario for putting teamwork skills to the test.

Team members not only work together to complete the course, but they are awarded points for creativity too. How’s that possible? We use a specially designed website to track each team’s progress throughout the hunt. Members upload photos of themselves at each junction…that’s where the creativity comes into play!

It all comes together at the end of the day when everyone meets up for a hilarious slide show created from the pictures.

This Isn’t Your Typical Scavenger Race

Believe it or not, your team is building on their teamwork skills while they’re having all that fun. Our professional curriculum developers ensure learning takes place by working obstacles into the game. These obstacles can only be overcome through cooperative action by your team members…teamwork!

It’s structured practice in teamwork for a group that’s already got the basics down- communication and collaboration. Here are some of the skills they’ll be called upon to use in order to complete The Amazing Scavenger Race:

  • Measuring Success
  • Assessment
  • Adapting on the fly to new information
  • Using feedback to alter their course and make improvements

Call Us About Customizing The Amazing Scavenger Race for Your Team

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Amazing-Scavenger-Race-Crazy-GroupNo two scavenger races are alike…we can custom build your race any way you like. Past groups have had us work around a theme, for example.

Another way The Amazing Scavenger Race can be customized is by adding a final module to the day. This would involve debriefing of the teams so they can analyze the key points of the team building they’ve done during their day.

Whatever form your Amazing Scavenger Race may take, rest assured your team will not only be putting valuable practice time in with team building, they’ll be having a ball too!

Please call us today to discuss how you’d like to customize your own Amazing Scavenger Race in the Indianapolis area.