The Big Picture

Everyone Lends a Hand in The Big Picture

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-300What would you say to a workshop that leaves your team amazingly refreshed, inspired and ready to head back to work more productive than ever?

That’s what The Big Picture is designed to do…bring your team to new levels of performance, communication and collaboration. This Indianapolis team building workshop will leave your team ready to share ideas in an open environment where everyone respects their opinions.

The Big Picture Brings Diverse Perspectives Into Play

Team members will learn the value of diversity when it comes accomplishing goals as a group. They’ll begin to let go of any fears they may have about contributing in a group setting.

How does this happen? By setting fun goals which can only be achieved through teamwork activities where everyone contributes, our professional facilitators will help your team see the value in hearing from everyone when it comes to getting things done. That’s teamwork!

The Big Picture Draws Out the Artist in All of Us

Team-Building-Indianapolis-The-Big-PictureIf all this sounds like a lot to accomplish in just one workshop, you’re right: it is some work for your team. However, it’s also a whole lot of fun- that’s the beauty of a well-designed and professionally-run team building workshop.

Your team will have a blast as they discover each others’ personality types. Some of us are Monets and some of us are Picassos – it certainly takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. Each individual makes his or her own contributions to a group art project, and it all comes together in a patchwork style…much like collaborative projects at work.

Also, like in the office, not every idea is a winner in The Big Picture. Team members learn to appreciate every contribution for what it is…some will simply serve to inspire others. It’s all part of how the best teams work together. Practice these skills and the work environment is more open, more collaborative, more dynamic and more productive.

Prepare for a More Dynamic Work Environment

Your team members will learn to view each other as resources and share information with each other more freely- all the components of a dynamic work environment that’s productive as well as efficient.

After the group masterpiece has been completed, a donation will be made to an Indianapolis organization that could use the art materials used to create The Big Picture. Your team will not only have stretched their creative sides, strengthened their bonds and had a great time doing so- they’ll make a small contribution to the local Indianapolis community. Everyone wins!

If you’d like to learn more about how The Big Picture can help you group work better together as a team, please call us today. We can get started on planning your next team building event in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.