Completely Custom Team Building

Got a team goal in mind? Scheduling a Completely Custom Corporate Workshop is the way to reach it. Simply tell us what results you’re looking for and we’ll custom design a corporate workshop that touches upon all your areas of concern.

Anything-Everything-Completely-Customized-Team-Building-300Need a group attitude adjustment? Got some silos you need broken down? Having trouble keeping your group focused? No problem- we’ll put our professional and highly experienced curriculum designers to work creating a completely tailored workshop that’s just for your team.

They’ll make sure the activities specifically target your areas of concern…and that your group not only works to improve but has a fun time while doing so!

A Professionally Designed Workshop Created Expressly for Your Team

It’s completely targeted just for your group. We can even help you define your goals- it all starts with an initial consultation that involves Team Building Indianapolis listening to what you have to say.

After helping you define your goals, we’ll get our team together to start planning the modules that will comprise your workshop. With over 50 years of research to draw upon, and an average of 15 years of experience, our crack team of experts really knows what works!

It’s Anything & Everything to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Since this is a completely customized corporate workshop, no two are alike. Here are a few goals we’ve helped past clients tackle with our expertly crafted custom corporate workshop:

  • tapping into creativity
  • improving morale
  • reinforcing organizational goals
  • managing limited resources
  • breaking down silos

You can also customize the time frame of your workshop: we’ll accommodate all your needs. Have time for only a two-hour workshop- we can condense it into the essentials to get your team off on the right foot. Want a full day? Our professional facilitators have no problem keeping your group engaged throughout a full spectrum of activities.

Whichever format you choose, you can look forward to a team that’s newly refreshed, focused and ready to put their teamwork skills to the test back in the office!

Another way to customize is to introduce a charitable aspect into your team’s day. By working together to benefit a local Indianapolis charity, your group has a higher sense of purpose. You’d be surprised at how well this serves to motivate teams to work harder!

To find out more about having Team Building Indianapolis design a corporate workshop just for your group, call us today. We’d love to hear from you!