DiSC ™ Personality Training Workshops

Take your team on a journey of self-discovery and fuller understanding of one another through our accredited DiSC™ training program.

We offer a modern approach to personality assessment – one that unlocks the door to productive communication and a stronger team.

It’s a New Approach to Team Performance

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerDiSC ™ Personality training leads to insightful revelations about self, others and the impact each of us has on the people around us. Team Building Indianapolis has applied DiSC ™ theories to the three dimensional model of team performance and the result is actionable lessons for the work environment.

Interactive sessions provide valuable insight into your team’s professional lives, with far-reaching ramifications. After all, with a sound understanding of behavior, there’s no end to the possibilities for success.

DiSC™ insights provide the gateway to improvement in many areas, including:

  • management style
  • conflict resolution
  • effective communication
  • opportunities for growth

Simply by providing a neutral language for exploring behavioral issues, DiSC™ opens the door to long-lasting positive change. Examining the four primary dimensions of behavior as defined by the DiSC™ personality training system, …Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness…teams will learn to identify personality types.

You can look forward to a team that works better together and communicates better after developing fresh perspectives on behavior. Managers will appreciate a deeper understanding of what motivates individuals. Colleagues will explore new ways of relating as they gain respect for individual differences.

We Took the DiSC™ Assessment and Applied Those Lessons to Team Building

With the DiSC™ program providing the foundation and our expert team of workshop developers transforming the basic tenets of modern personality assessment into a series of modules designed to take your team from point A to point B, you can dare to expect results!

Watch your team gain the tools they need for a higher understanding of themselves and each other…that’s the bedrock of a high-performing team. Even if your team has already taken a DiSC™ personality test, even better! We’ll customize the training so it takes up where any previous DiSC™ personality training left off. All the better for meeting the challenges your team faces every day at work.

If you’d like to learn more about the DiSC ™ personality training and how Team Building Indianapolis has developed a team building workshop around it, please give us a call today. We’d love to hear from you!