Team Fusion

How about a little something extra in your next team building workshop? Teams who face particular challenges can benefit from our Team Fusion ™ workshop, which offers you the chance to target those challenges while your team works on team building skills …all the while having a blast!

How Team Fusion ™ is Different

team-fusion-logo-300Most of the workshops at Team Building Indianapolis offer activities revolving around skills improvement in a fast-paced environment. Team Fusion ™ is no different, only it focuses more on creating the bonds that form a great team to begin with.

There are a lot of things at the office which can cause a team to lose its focus, thereby suffering a downturn in productivity:

  • a major change in the work place- restructuring, for example
  • a newly formed team which hasn’t yet formed a bond of trust and therefore isn’t performing at peak levels
  • a company that’s growing rapidly, causing your group to suffer growing pains

Team Fusion™ is More Than a Formula-Driven Workshop

Bring us your challenge, and trust us to turn your team around with our Team Fusion™ workshop. We’ll listen to you and then put together the right combination of activities that target the areas of concern.

That’s what the initial consultation is for…you talk and we listen. We know that’s the only way we’ll get to completely understand your challenges and goals . It’s the first step in customizing the Team Fusion ™ for your group.

We’ll keep these goals at the forefront from start to finish…that’s the Covey approach we use to design each workshop.

Our experts in the design department will ensure that your Team Fusion™ workshop is created with your specific goals in mind. The result? A fun series of activities with the perfect blend of fun, challenge and bonding…just what a team facing challenges needs!

…And That’s Only the Beginning!

The Team Fusion™ workshop forms a blueprint for your team’s future success. That means the work continues even after the workshop is long over with. Our professional facilitators ask tough questions to start your group thinking and to keep them motivated.

Together, Team Building Indianapolis and your group can overcome obstacles and build a team that performs at optimal levels…and it’s even fun for all!

Please give us a call and tell us about the challenges your team faces right now. We can tell you more about Team Fusion™ and how it can work for you.