Team Synergy

Team Synergy Puts Your Team in Sync

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-300This high performance workshop focuses on getting your team in sync. When you need to see positive change in attitudes and relationships, Team Synergy offers a fun and unique way to initiate the move towards better teamwork and camaraderie all around.

Focus on Collaboration, Not Competition

Our corporate Team Synergy workshops emphasize the importance of collaboration within your high performing group. The goal here is to break down silos and get everyone to connect in meaningful ways. Our professional facilitators will lead your group through a series of fun, yet challenging activities designed to bring your group together for a stronger, more productive team.

They’ll be solving fun puzzles but more importantly they’ll be learning the value of individual contributions to group efforts. They’ll be connecting in new ways and finding better ways to collaborate. That translates to a stronger team back in the office, too.

How Team Synergy Works

For this workshop, our designers have included activities which should bring out each team member’s natural interactive style. They’ll be asked to assess their own progress at certain junctions throughout the day, bringing focus to the ways in which everyone has his or her own strengths.

Together, those individual strengths are an asset when it comes to solving problems…that’s just another word for collaboration!

Higher-level communication skills are definitely at work here- areas of concern will start to make themselves apparent as teams work together to overcome obstacles placed in front of them- that’s where the challenge takes place!

Take the Team Synergy Challenge

Challenge your high-performing team to step back from competition open up for some collaboration. Knock down those silos, break down those barriers and begin to coalesce into a high-functioning team that gets things done. You see, when core issues are brought front and center, as they are in Team Synergy activities, they can be met face-on.

Attitude, behavior and relationships get a makeover, including skills such as:

  • big picture thinking
  • connecting with co-workers
  • creative problem solving
  • dealing with limited resources

Teams will realize that by building on communication skills and working together, all their goals can be met.

A Fun, Engaging Environment for Serious Team Building Work!

Your team will run through a debriefing phase for various activities- round table discussions aren’t uncommon in some groups, where some higher-level thinking about teamwork takes place. It’s a high-energy environment for teams who are ready for some positive change.

Don’t worry: the Team Synergy workshop is created to be enjoyable. Your team will have a blast while making serious inroads towards creating that synergy found in all the best teams.

If you’d like to learn more about how Team Synergy can break down silos in your high-performing team, just give us a call today. We’d love to talk to you!