What is Team Development?

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Team-DevelopmentClients who book charity team building workshops through us are pleased to discover everything else we have to offer too such as our team development and corporate training workshops.

In fact, we have a full spectrum of professional development programs. With options like DiSC® personality styles and leadership programs, we take team building to the next level by offering you targeted results.

These corporate team building workshops are still run with the sound, effective principles that guide our charity team building workshops, leaving out only the philanthropic twist. They’re action-based, experiential and completely goal-oriented.

Serious Work that Leads to Positive Change…it only looks like we’re playing games!

Many team building companies have adopted the habit of relying too heavily on snazzy gadgets to promote their workshops. Don’t be seduced by the latest electronic toys- the real value lies in what’s behind the scenes.

Team Building Indianapolis offers you professionally developed workshops aimed at producing real change that lasts well beyond the workshop itself. That’s because we’ve carefully crafted our workshops to elicit meaningful dialogue that gets your group thinking, growing, and building better bonds.

Who Says You Can’t Have Fun While Developing Important Skills?

Team-Building-Indianapolis-Team-Development-2We are not an event-planning company- we are a team of educators offering a rich experience of growth and skill development for your team. You won’t see stage theatrics, but rather engaging, purposeful and fun activities led by professional facilitators who know their craft and love their work.

That’s why our clients choose us again and again for their corporate team building events, training and even Holiday and year-end parties.

If you are looking for a more philanthropic approach to team building, you’ll want to click on the “Charity Workshops” tab above. If you’re looking for serious team development to dig deep into issues, yet also entertain and educate your group, you’re already there!

Please give us a call or request a quote online if you’d like to learn more about our corporate team development workshops. We’d love to hear from you!